Rockhopper Finding Guide/ Tracker

How to Find Rockhopper!

By Braybon9

The most important part of finding Rockhopper is knowing if he is on or not. Now how do you know if he is on is what you are going to ask right? Well This is what you do. You go to the log in and type in Rockhopper’s name. Then in the password box, you type in a random password. An Example would be 1234. If it says Incorrect password, he is on. If it says He is banned forever, he is off. If you are trying to find Rockhopper right now, open a new tab and do this. Now The next step to find him is to find his server. I know one server and time when he is on that server. He is on yeti between 6:50 & 7:10 ET time ( TIME HAS BEEN CHANGED). Now to find what server he is on simply look for a server that is full and is not full most of the time. If it is full log off and log back on until it is not full. This means someone has logged off. Once you are on the server there will be people running around ever where saying where he is. Go to the room and Congrats You have meant Rockhopper. Hope this helps you find Rockhopper! This always helps me! Good luck!

Tips on what servers Rockhopper likes-

1. Rockhopper loves crowds so if any server is really crowed when you log on to CP Chances are, He is there.

2.Rh Loves the first page of servers. These are the most populated servers and he loves populated places


1. Rockhopper likes rooms that have a bigger capacity of penguins. Such as the iceberg. The Ice berg can hold between 80 and 100 penguins when the Mountain top can hold 20 penguins. He will not go into small rooms.

2. He likes to go into more open places. Such as the Cove or Plaza. He does not go into the Nightclub or the Coffee shop. For some reason though he does seem to like the Pizza Parlor.

3. Rockhopper mostly likes his ship.

4. Rh likes to round up penguins and take him to his ship. EXAMPLE- Rockhopper logs on to the server and goes to the iceberg first. He then moves to the cove and travels across the island on foot. Staying in each room for about 2 minutes. He then Reaches his ship Dances on the deck for about 5 minutes. He then goes into the ship hold. Then the Captains quarters staying there for about 3-5 minutes. He then logs off and goes on another random server doing the same thing again.

5. Rockhopper only arrives on Fridays. Just like almost every party starts on Fridays.

Hope this helps!




Rockhopper has left Club Penguin.

Please Note this is not a Widget.

Here is his current Location @ sea-

Club Penguin Map


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  1. Wow, that Helped me a lot!

  2. this braybon9 is awesome!

  3. love the tracker!!!its cool.This is your bro.

  4. cool!

  5. can u plz tell me how to get to that island plz?

  6. I really need to find Rockhopper

  7. the time is wrong for when i posted this!

  8. edit: If your gonna swear and curse at me for no reason go to another site. I hate people like you!

  9. could you please tell me why the server yeti is always full !!

    whats happening in that server

  10. Well i didnt really understand you

  11. Thanks but No thanks

    yeti is always full could you pplease telll me whats going on in that sever

  12. IT DID NOT WORK U *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. didn’t help me @ all srry just need a better website!!!!!!1

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