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There is a big time error when running Penguin Halo 0.04!!! I just discovered it. You can’t get pass the main menu. I now understand why I was getting comments on Plunder saying “Huh?” I will have it fixed later tommorow it’s about midnight here. I got to go to bed. Anyways the cutscene is what is causing this. It’s getting a runtime error but I had show errors off when I exported this so it does not show. Any ways I should have it fixed by tommorow.

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0.04 Launch!

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Penguin Halo 0.04 is up and ready for download! I have a few things that need to must be tested by everyone.

Here is the Download.

I have made a list once again with the updates and with what to check. Here it is.

What is new in 0.04?

– Enemy movement script included! They move but are not animated yet.

-If you touch and enemy they melee you. No animation yet though.

-Chief’s over all graphics have been updated.

-You can now load saved games! S= Save Game L= Load Saved Game

-Fire Kills you. BEWARE!

-If you go off the map you fall/die.

-You can only exit the game while in game play (Being fixed).

-Removed the pistol sound when firing @ enemy.

-You can not go on the pelican or the sky.

-First cut scene partially included. Not totally finished yet. Should be in 0.05 or 0.06.

-Main Menu got it’s sized decreased a bit.

-There is only 1 test enemy for now. He moves as said before.

Future additions:

-More A.I. (Enemies).

-Install Wizard.


-More difficulty levels.

-Different Guns.

-Secondary weapons.

Things To Test!

-Make sure you can not touch the sky in any part of the game.

-Make sure you can’t climb on the pelican(not including the right wing)

-Make sure you die when you touch an enemy.

-Make sure you die when touching or nearing the fire.

-Make sure you die when leaving the map.

-Enemy Movement, make sure they move!


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Beta 0.04 New Information!

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There is some new beta information available for release. It’s a new updated Beta 0.04 list. I will give it to you so you can see.


-The First Cut scene is coming with the 0.04 release! It’s not totally finished though.

-You can not walk in the sky or on the pelican any more.

-If you walk on fire you die.

-The crash site has a small smoke effect in the first 5 secounds of game play.

-The Main menu has gotten a small update.

-You now have a custom cursor in game. They need a little fixing though.

-Rapidly moving penguin is fixed. He now waddles normally.

0.04 will recive some more tweaks. It will be out Saturday some time.

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Beta Version 0.04 Delayed!

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Hello Braybon Here,

The new beta version is delayed due to some new features I am adding. There not finished yet so I am delaying the Launch till later this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

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Warning: Only Download Penguin Halo From this Site!

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Only Download Penguin Halo from this site only!! There are some copies going around already!!! Only download from here.

Beta Version 0.04 Information and Thank You Beta Testers!

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Hello Everyone!

I have some information on the next up and coming version. Before I give you that information though, I would like to thank everyone who has downloaded the two beta versions. I have gotten about 120 beta testers! I also reached 13,000 views now. So thank you everyone! Now for the next beta version information.


There is now a boundary around the outside of the playing field. If you go outside, you die a restart.

I might have the script included for enemy movement!

The downloads will now be in a .ZIP folder instead of just a .EXE Program file.

Removed the rapidly moving penguin.

Future Updates:

I am making an install wizard.

Working on the total look of the moving penguins. They have some bugs to.

Enemy shooting script is being made.

Version 0.04 should be out by Friday. I am also making the first trailer and cut scenes. Once again thank you to all the beta testers!

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