Music SWFS-

Coffee Shop

Igloo Music

Night Club

Night Club Bass

Agent HQ

Winter Laua

Winter Laua Ambition

Pizza Parlor


Space Adventure

The Twelfth Fish

Shadow Guy And Gamma Girl

Team Blue

Quest For The Golden Puffle

The Penguins Before Time

Team Blue 2

Ruby and the Ruby

Plant Y

Penguin Tales

Hydro Hopper

Bean Counters

Puffle Round Up

Ice Fishing

Unknown Track

Cart Surfer

Pizzatron 3000

Jet Pack Adventure

Thin Ice

Catching Waves

Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber-Soda Seas

Card-Jitsu Battle

Christmas Jingle Bells

April Fools (Dance)

Cave Party/Underwater Party

Cave Party Bass

Beach Party


Fiesta Cove

April fools?

St. Patrick’s Day

Old Ice Fishing

Party Music

Jazz Igloo Music

Ocean Igloo Music

Music Jam

Driving Guitar Igloo Music

Camp Penguin 1

Camp Penguin 2

Water Party 1

Water Party 2

Camp Penguin 3

Camp Penguin 4

Fall Fair

Puffle Paddle

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Christmas 07

Christmas 07

Winter Fiesta

Medieval Party

Epic Battle

Wind (Dojo Halloween 08)

Sports Party?

Music Jam

Dancing Game 1

DJ3K Beat (Cheat!!!)

Pop Song

Unknown Track (Possible Music Jam)

Stage Music

Music Jam



Dancing Game 2 (1 of my Favorites)

Anniversary Party (08)

Halloween 08

Halloween 08 2

Secret Lab (Halloween)

X-mas 08 (Deck the Halls)

X-mas 08 (igloo)

Pool Christmas

Dancing Game

Member Party08

Hard Rock

Christmas 07

Igloo Music (07)

Item SWFS-

Please Note- Head Items can not be seen on Small Screens!

Blue Mail Bag

Survival Backpack

Pink Cape

Pink Backpack


Blue Back Pack?

Head Item

Head Item

Fireman Jacket

Bow Tie (Credit to Taddle1)

Astro Barrie T-Shirt (Credit to Taddle1)

Red Shirt (Credit to Taddle1)

Blue Shirt

Butterfly T-Shirt

I Love My Puffle

Snow Flake Shirt

Jail Shirt

Plad Shirt

Striped Tie

Pink Viking Helmet

Black Cape



More Coming Soon!



4 Responses to “SWFS”

  1. Heres a list of a load more clothes that I found
    Astro Barrier T shirthttp://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/global/clothing/paper/204.swf

    I’ll find some more as well

  2. Hey! the Unknown? (the first) is from the Halloween Party 2007

  3. i have tons of Working swfs on my new site

  4. i have a lot of items SWF Edupsed64@gmail.com

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