Guide To Card Jitsu

Welcome to my Guide To Card-Jitsu. Here you can learn to pass all levels of Card-Jitsu. Follow me up the ranks as I help you become a Ninja. Good luck Young Grasshopper.

Level 1= No Belt

All Penguins start off as No Belts. No Belt is the easiest level to beat. When playing as a No Belt, you have a limited amount of cards. About 5 basic cards. This also is not time to challenge Sensi. You are not trained enough yet and need to earn better skills and cards.

Level 2= White Belt

Good, you have beaten Level 1, No belts. Now onto White Belt. White Belt is somewhat harder then No Belt, But not by much. You do not earn any more cards, at least I didn’ht, but you will be more feared by No Belts.

Level 3= Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt is where it begins to get more challenging. Now as a Yellow Belt you still do not get more cards, once again at least I did not! Now you will be more Feared by No Belts.

Level 4= Orange Belt

Good Job Young Grasshopper! You have made it passed 4 of  10 Levels of Training. Now is when it begins to become challenging. You will face harder Penguins with more experience. Good Luck

Level4 5 6= Green, Blue, Red Belts

Wow you are really good! Now is when you might notice a difference in player difficulty. If you have trouble use one of the Cheats Below!

Level 7,8= Purple, Brown  Belts

It is a really difficult time now really good players but, not as good as Ninja!

Level 9= Black Belt

Young Grasshopper, you have achieved 9/10 levels of Ninja training Now it is time to Challenge Sensei. To beat him you must follow these card steps

Select Water, Water, Water

Select Fire, Water, Water

Select  Snow, Water, Water

Select Fire, Fire, Water

Select Snow, Snow, Water

Not working? Rearrange the order of the cards Example Fire, Fire ,Water, Snow, Snow, Water, Fire, Water, Water.

Still having trouble? Sign Up For Beat Sensei for me.

Congrats you have beaten him. Your now a Ninja.

Cheats and Tips-


1 (CHEAT). Ok, you probley looked at the picture and thought ya so… Whats it mean? Well What you see is the order of cards. Basicly what you have on your side of the board is the same type of card as your opponent. For example, on the first card to your right that is snow right? Well so is your opponent’s most of the time. When a player uses the card, it is like a cycle. If the card is snow, it will go to fire after use. If it is water, It will go to snow. Are you getting what I am saying? If not Comment and ask for more detailed instructions (EMAIL REQUIRED).

2 (CHEAT).  As I was playing I started to just let the game choose cards for me and guess what! I have not lost one round since! My advice is just start the game, and just start to browse a different Webpage, and when you here the GONG or the Dojo music just go see if you one or lost!

3 (TIP). Use the ? mark guide while in the game to review what type of Card Beats what!


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  4. Tell me what the first cheat is please! my email is

  5. what is the code

  6. What is code #1?

  7. how do you get the collors to show up


  9. there’s a code?

  10. i love the cheats but can you give me your email adress so i can give you a penguin if you want

  11. Thanks for the infos!

  12. wow i never thought there was cheats for card jitsu. thxs

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