Questions? Come Here!

Here you can ask me any questions about Club Penguin or me. Please Feel Free to ask anything, even if its kinda dumb. If you would like to ask me a private question, Please Email me.


43 Responses to “Questions? Come Here!”

  1. hey dude, i dont knoe wat your real first name is

  2. Then How did you find this?

  3. 🙂

  4. on ask braybon page lol

  5. :p

  6. 😈

  7. hey dude, about AA idk. ill have to think about it dude

  8. hi guess who i am!

  9. hey~ what happened to watex’s original website? i went to it and it said that it was suspended because it violated their terms and services… 0.0?
    RESPONSE: He Posted about Prize Rebel. And, I guess, In the TOS, your not aloud to. Braybon9~

  10. when did you make this blog?

  11. how do you make a new penguin on your previous acount

  12. Um, I think what your trying to say is How do you change your Penguins Name? This is not possible. Club Penguin Has Banned this so that if your user name gets Banned You dont just change it and log in again. Another Option would just be create a new account. Hope this helps.

  13. hi EDITED FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION edit by braybon9

  14. how do we get the tresure book plz can you tell me

  15. How do you get the blue mail bag?

  16. what happened to ur chat
    Braybon9: I deleted the page, to access it, go to about braybon9/the site and scroll down till you see the Chat Status thing. Click it and it will take you there!

  17. do u have any clue who Sasuke’s lover is he or she emails me and real names are not allowed! edited by braybon9 and he/she also sent something to u
    Braybon9: Hmm, I do not recall knowing any one name “Sasike’s Lover”.

  18. hey umm r u on a black belt?how long did it take if u r? and wat server r u on because i wanna b ur friend and to face u at te dojo in a real chalenge?

  19. Hey Katie!
    Thanks again for commenting! I go on the server Mammoth, Deep Snow, Frozen and Yeti a lot!

  20. katie how u get cp storm?

  21. you can get penguin storm from this website DO NOT GET IT FROM ANYWHERE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Basic question: I can’t log in to my account from my new computer. I changed from PC to Mac, I don’t know if that got to do with anything. I remember I did some tech set up for my PC at the first time I created my account suggested by their tech support team.
    Can you help?
    Braybon9: First, make sure you have the right password. Even though you make think its right, I would reset it. If that does not work, make sure you have flash player installed on your new computer. I don’t recommend macs usually. I think there only good for garage band and Imovie and that stuff. I would recommend PC. So if you have the chance. Get a PC again. Thats my advise! If you have any more Questions or concerns, Contact me via comment or at

  23. heyyy braybon rember me from along time ago its mockme

  24. Wow! Long time no see. I miss the good old days with you guys :(. I wish I still had you on my buddie list, but my penguin Braybon9 got banned. 😦 I now use the penguins ignika13611 and Bradyinski. Good to here from you Mock!

  25. hey baybron can you get on my clubpenguin?email me and ill tell you my password and user.

  26. ask cp to plz unban him ,

    why did you get banned?

    ~ brayden551or $L!PP!1

  27. Hey i have a question. Lets say i went to the store and bought a pink puffle plush( stuffed animal type ) toy. it came with a code. if i was to enter my code, how many items could i unlock with just 1 code from the treasure book?


  29. i try to copy bots thingy and u say to download the multiple login plonk download but you DONT give the download url thing, so could you? jeez

  30. :twisted; 😦

  31. 😈

  32. 😈 😦 🙂 :/

  33. !


  35. OMG x3 Hi BB it’s laroo1230 I got a youtube account now XD btw.Do you still go on Cp or Xat?

  36. BRAYBON! how do you make a BINARY TRAINER!?!? thats INSANE! could you teach your old pal wur how to do it?

  37. braybon, could you email me ( still ) how you made your trainer?

    -your old pal, wur

  38. Hi braybon9 I REALY want the penguin band hoodie PLS HELP!?

  39. Hey braybon9 ur site rox duz it stil have codes? 🙂

  40. hey, do u still play club penguin?

  41. WHY DON”T U GO ON THIS WEBSITE ANYMORE?? oh and I just wanted to say that u have changed a lot since last year…. not in a good way…

  42. Actually that isnt what i was trying to say. lol

  43. Actually that isnt what I was trying to say.

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