What is Braybon Productions?

Braybon Productions is a small company that makes games and videos. It consists of Braybon9 and a few unnamed sources.

General information:

Established: September 2008

Founder: Braybon9


Is Braybon9 on his chat-

Click to chat with me or leave me a message on my xat.com chat box.

8 Responses to “What is Braybon Productions?”

  1. i could get you the free stuff if you want, just in case the friend fails. i wont get it banned cuz that would be mean and your like my friend

  2. 😥 😥 😥 😥

    WHY were you banned? was it a mistake??? I got banned for saying “Please go away” so I got another penguin!

    PS you dont have to say if you don’t want to…

  3. who is wurtburt

  4. My Friend!!!

  5. i remeber that newspaper it was cool do u still have any of the giudes to cp those were cool to. maby u should make some more and one more thing im your friend?….. well u do owe me for all those times i let uborrow my pens and also other things and also im your best friends sister anyway well bye

    Braybon9: I still have all the Newspapers. I have them in a binder next to my Desk. I just to a look at them. Its kinda sad looking back on them.

  6. yeah our class will never be the same again. damien will get beat up soon. dj has a girlfriend. reuben is popular. well nick noah nolan christan are still pretty much the same they sit with each other but they have scooter with them now…… those were good times back in 5th grade
    Braybon9: Please Check Your Email For a Reply! 🙂

  7. hey braybon I have left alot of comments because im not sure wich wordpress is closed and wich one is not. but anyway could i work here i was trying to start my own but its not working so well

  8. yo braybon its bulb, im just here to tell u IM REOPENING MY BLOG

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