Beta 0.05 New Information


As you must have noticed 0.05 was not released on it’s “scheduled” date. I figured that if I launched it with only a few updates that on my behalf would of seemed like nothing was done and I would of been launching the exact same thing. Which I sorta was. Anyways, I have put together a list as usual that contains all of the current updates to Penguin Halo. If I forget something please let me tell you it is 2:00 Am here in PA. So I have an excuse.

Beta 0.05 updates:

-Small changes to level 1 background image.

-Once again new menu music. Listen to the entire thing. It’s cool!

-Smoke effect stays all the time now.

-Menu Updated with Quit Button, And Game Updates Button.

-When firing, Plasma Rifle is now the gun you hold.

That’s all I can think of right now.

© Braybon Productions™ 2009. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


~ by braybon9 on May 17, 2009.

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