Beta 0.04 New Information!


There is some new beta information available for release. It’s a new updated Beta 0.04 list. I will give it to you so you can see.


-The First Cut scene is coming with the 0.04 release! It’s not totally finished though.

-You can not walk in the sky or on the pelican any more.

-If you walk on fire you die.

-The crash site has a small smoke effect in the first 5 secounds of game play.

-The Main menu has gotten a small update.

-You now have a custom cursor in game. They need a little fixing though.

-Rapidly moving penguin is fixed. He now waddles normally.

0.04 will recive some more tweaks. It will be out Saturday some time.

© Braybon Productions™ 2009. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


~ by braybon9 on April 25, 2009.

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