0.04 Launch!


Penguin Halo 0.04 is up and ready for download! I have a few things that need to must be tested by everyone.

Here is the Download.

I have made a list once again with the updates and with what to check. Here it is.

What is new in 0.04?

– Enemy movement script included! They move but are not animated yet.

-If you touch and enemy they melee you. No animation yet though.

-Chief’s over all graphics have been updated.

-You can now load saved games! S= Save Game L= Load Saved Game

-Fire Kills you. BEWARE!

-If you go off the map you fall/die.

-You can only exit the game while in game play (Being fixed).

-Removed the pistol sound when firing @ enemy.

-You can not go on the pelican or the sky.

-First cut scene partially included. Not totally finished yet. Should be in 0.05 or 0.06.

-Main Menu got it’s sized decreased a bit.

-There is only 1 test enemy for now. He moves as said before.

Future additions:

-More A.I. (Enemies).

-Install Wizard.


-More difficulty levels.

-Different Guns.

-Secondary weapons.

Things To Test!

-Make sure you can not touch the sky in any part of the game.

-Make sure you can’t climb on the pelican(not including the right wing)

-Make sure you die when you touch an enemy.

-Make sure you die when touching or nearing the fire.

-Make sure you die when leaving the map.

-Enemy Movement, make sure they move!


Braybon Productions

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~ by braybon9 on April 25, 2009.

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