Penguin Halo Beta Version 0.03 Progress report!

Hello Everyone!

Penguin Halo is going along well as usual. I have put together of some changes that are coming out in version Beta 0.03. Here it is:

There is an actual background in the first level instead of a blank white background. It is a Pelican crash site.

Instead of just clicking on the penguins that don’t move, there will be a penguin you control from the third person view and move with the arrow keys.

There is new music. I think i am going to change it again.

The Bots should now move and shoot at you when playing

The entire game is now in full screen mode.

That’s it for now. Any other changes will be announced at 0.03’s release.

By Braybon9 on 4/16/09 at 8:59 EST.


~ by braybon9 on April 17, 2009.

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