Sorta Reopening

Hello Everyone!

Im proud to annoce that I am reopening! But, not for regular Updates. As you saw by  my last post titled ‘bored’, that is exactly how I can describe my virtual life without some bit of CP in it. So, Braybon Productions is opening it’s doors! Since I left, I have gotton into something brand new. Game designing. And, I am crossing my two favorite games together into one! Halo & Club Penguin :D. It’s going to be called Penguin Halo(C). The first Beta release is up and ready for download. Now let me just say before you attempt to download that it looks REALLY suckish. The version your reciveing in the download is Version 0.01. The Exact orginal copy of what The game orginaly was. What your going to download is about 4-5 hours of work. Now, since I uploaded this, I have already finished Version 0.02 but it is not going public. 0.03 is the next version going public. This will be ready in about 1-3 days. Any ways, I will stop blabing on and give you the download.

Click Here To Download.

Please download it. I need people to test the suckish beta version :D.


~ by braybon9 on April 15, 2009.

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