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Hello Penguins,

Today I have something to announce… I am very sad to  say this but, I will not  be posting full time any more. I will also not be using Club  Penguin much anymore. I have  gotten into a ENTIRE new thing. I have thought long, and well  about this  and, this was  my choice. I will be opening  up some new stuff. Not involving Club Penguin. It involves PSP gaming. I will give out a link soon. But, for now, I will not post regulary. Also, all other sites I own (not this one) are being closed and shut down. Sorry to every one who is mad or sads about this.

Here are  some Questions Your Probely Gonna Ask-

Why are You not Posting!?

A: Lack of Interest.

Will you make Videos Still?

A: Yes, but not all Club Penguin Videos.

Where can I find you online still?

A: Star  Wars  Battlefront:Renegade Squadron(name is [OTS]DEATHshooter), AIM,, Random Chatrooms,, You

Can I have your Penguin?

A: Nope.

Can I have your Blog?

A: Nope.

Should I still check this  Site?

A: I dont know/really care.

For one  of the last times,



~ by braybon9 on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Read This post…”

  1. As you are doing this I will keep the site updated and keep the penguin shop running well and smoothly
    Braybon9: Sorry Taddle, all other sites (besides this one) are being deleted.

  2. i liked your site … even though i dont visit it alot .. well actually i visit it alot!

  3. Oh. So how will I get stuff for free, where do you get it

  4. Oh too bad. I cant belive your giving up club penguin for your PSP! Why cant you do both i play my nintendo ds and club penguin. Well other penguins looking at this site my site is like his just a few viewers exept i will never quit club penguin i play it everyday. My site is EDITED~ ok bye!
    Braybon9: I never totally stated I “quit” Club Penguin. I am just stopping blogging about Club Penguin.BTW No Adverting!

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