Introducing Penguin Tunes!

Hello Penguins!

I have been working on a “secret” project and I am releasing it now! It’s called Penguin Tunes. It is one of or may be the First ever Club Penguin Radio Station!!! It has old and new songs that are featured. Even some Unknown songs! A few of the old songs include Ive Been Delayed, The Winter Luau, and Winter Luau Ambition. There many more. But you will have to lisin to here them! It also broadcasts Beta Tester, Candence, Rockhopper and many other famous Penguins locations! Here is the banner/ Link! penguin-tunes



~ by braybon9 on January 26, 2009.

8 Responses to “Introducing Penguin Tunes!”

  1. Hey,
    can I help you with it
    Braybon9: Sure, If you have a Recording Program, you can record new files and enter them on Then, give me the link and I will put on on the Radio Staion. You will the nget your website advertised on the station!

  2. can I do Club Penguin music as well (I have a lot of it)

  3. Ya, Thats what I met from the last comment 😀

  4. I’ll start now

  5. Heres the link to my MP3’S

  6. Hey Taddle, I have all those. I literally have every 1.

  7. oh, ok,
    I’ll whip up a few more

  8. I have another one uploading.
    I made it myself using some club penguin music and changing all the wave length and things like that

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