Copy Bots/Clones(BROKEN)

This Way of making Bots is Broken!

Hello Penguins!

I know a lot of people wonder how to make bots (clones, copy bots, ETC)! Well I am here to tell you how! In order to start the bot process you will need a least 2 penguins. copy-bot-image

I recommend that you have between 4-10 but that is my recommendation. I also recommend that you don’t do this on your main penguin. After you have 2 penguins at least, you will need to download Plonk’s Mult-Login. Here is the link Club Penguin Login Plonk Chaos Bot (This does not belong to me in anyway, I only use this program for Copy Bots, It was also not uploaded by me, it was uploaded by Guding.)


(make sure to SAVE the file!)

After downloading, Unzip the file using your Unzipping Program. After Unzipping, open up the file folder. You should see another folder in it. Open this folder and now you should see something like this. multilogin2

Click on the MultiLogin. (Flash and Load are for Technical purposes)

Now three windows should open up. First select Plonk’s Multi Login Bot Chaos Main Control Panel. Now Click the Activate button and log on to your “Commander” Penguin. activate1

This Screen is not activated


This Screen is activated

This Penguin Will control all of the bots. Wait at the server screen. Now go to another page of Plonk’s Multi Login and select your bot penguin/s to log onto. Keep them at the server screen too. Once all of your penguins are logged in, Select a server that is not full for all penguins.

Once onto the server, select a room you would like to make all the bots go to (Ex. Town).

When you have moved all the bots to the room, Go to the WHITE Text line. Type in phrases that you want all the bots to say.


When done typing your message all Bot Penguins should say this.

Have fun with your Bots!

Quick Facts:

• Internet Explorer Webpages will open every time you move from a room

• Selecting the same server is VERY IMPORTANT

• Bots can communicate from other rooms (EX. Comnd. penguin is in cove, bot is @ town)

• Plonk Created this Bot Program

• This is not (To me any way) considered hacking

• Banning can occur but the chances are 1/50



~ by braybon9 on January 21, 2009.

16 Responses to “Copy Bots/Clones(BROKEN)”

  1. how do you get rid of the bots when you are done with them?

  2. Braybon9: Just log off all the Penguins. The next time you log on, you will have to repeat the task in order to get the bots back. 😀

  3. Blank screen

  4. i dont understand its too hard to do

  5. im online:>!

  6. i am famous!

  7. my screen was just blank i did its so many times but its just blank

  8. If you look at the Title it specificaly says, “This Way of making Bots is Broken!”

  9. hi i am a person who wants clones if you make it work again can i have say 100 of them i really will take care of them. PS I will take care of them I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hi guys my mom said this is a virus is it? we want to know please tell us so we don’t have a virus again!

  11. Your not allow to do that that ileggal you can go to jail for doing that so dont do it if you do do it you guys are wrong for club penguin!!!

    p.s. cool website!

  12. ive done it but now a blank screen appears

  13. This hack is Broken. Club Penguin Updates there script coding and stuff to keep all old hacking programs from working and to make way for improvements. This Hack has been down for a few months sadly.

  14. Hey guys is Roxas117 some of you may know me….Anyway im having a HUGE party and your all envited all you have to do is go to youkon at 1:00 at may 5th and ill be giveing away my penguin beacuse ill be leaveing clubpenguin plus penguin is memeber and has 7777795 money so be there and ill be recording and you will all be on youtube laterz

  15. Hey guys im haveing a party my penguin name is Roxas117 and party is at youkon may 5th at 1:00 be there

  16. Blank screen! i have not done it before but it must be a virus wtf

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