Dancing Game Coin Glitch!

Hello Penguins!

I was searching you tube and I found an AWESOME COIN GLITCH!!!

Here it is!

Go on a safe chat server and go to the Dance Game in the Night Club. As you walk towards the game hit tab till a yellow box is on the house icon. Right when your about to get to the Dance game hit enter(yellow box on house icon). When you arrive at your house a message will come up saying if you want to play the Dance Game. Click yes. Play a New Game not Multiplayer. Get as many coins as you can. When your done click tab till the yellow box is over the X icon in the top right. Hit enter and click OK. Then hit tab again till its over the X icon and hit enter and click OK, and so on. When you do this, lets say I won 200 coins and my total is now 2200. When you do that process again Ill have 2400, then 2600 then 2800…….. Then if you want keep doing this till you have 1 million coins, Log Out and the coins will be in your account.

WARNING: When you earn over 150,000 coins Club Penguin gets suspicious.

Thanks to menonem! Click His name to view his Channel! 😀



~ by braybon9 on January 19, 2009.

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