New Mission:Waddle Squad

Hello Agents! Opps I mean Penguins! Ha ha!

Well Most of us are agents so there not really a secret! Here are the Rewards For The Mission-Rewards

And Here is a Picture of the mission-


I have made a guide to the mission below! Feel Free to use it for your site, just give me proper credit!

1. Start Mission: Waddle Squad

2. Talk to G.

3. Go To Beach.

4. Click Jet pack Guy

5. Go to Lighthouse.

6. Get Cream Soda

7. Measure the Cups of Cream Soda (Click The Bottle for Help)

8. Go To HQ.

9. Click G and report Jet Pack Guy is in Position

10. Go To Gift Shop

11. Talk To Light Green Penguin

12. Put all click able items in your inventory.

13. Take Table Out in Front of Gift Shop

14. Put all gift shop items on table.

15. Click Rookie (Dark Green Penguin)

16. Go To HQ

17. Look Towards G and get Solar Panel

18. Go Back To Gift Shop

19. Place Solar Panel on END of Grey Wire

20. Rewire Solar Panel

21. Go To Dock.

22. Ask Penguin @ Boat For Rope

23. Go To Night Club

24. Attach Rope to Pulley system

25. Get Wrench from Spy Phone

26. Take off bolts on Pulley System

27. Click on Pulley System Operator

28. Fix Pulley System

29. Pull The Lever On the Pulley System.

30. Leave Night Club

31. You Will Get a Message on your Spy Phone.

32. Go To Dock.

33. You Will Get Another Message

34. Go To Night Club

35. Herbert will be at Night Club

36. Pull Lever When Herbert is @ Puffle

37. You will get another message on your Spy Phone

38. Take The Jet Pack From the Penguin

39. Put it on the Cage.

40. You Trapped Herbert

41. Keep Talking To G

42. Herbert Will Get Away.

43. End Mission

44. Receive Rewards

45. You Bet The Mission!

I like this mission its easy and fun!



~ by braybon9 on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Mission:Waddle Squad”

  1. you r really mean. dude i dont see any copyright here! i scrolled up and down these pages 100 times! dude dont ban my site. dont be a HATER! PLEASE DONT SWEAR ON MY BLOGS EITHER! YOU KNOW THEIRS KIDS THT GO ON THESE BLOGS!! :@
    Braybon9: Im sorry, i was just worked up after what that tim guy said. BTW Psst look to your right ->

  2. oopps never nd i see it!! BUT STILL! ILL GIVE CREDIT!!

  3. You get a trophy? That’s weird, I didn’t get one.
    Braybon9: To get the Trophy. You must help the Light Green Penguin in the Gift Shop by cleaning it up.

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