News Paper# 167|And the winner is….

Hello Penguins!

I have two announcements that I need to make! The first one is who gets 650 PPs added to there Penguin Point account! After about 10 mintues of looking over those three pics, I decided I should have my brother pick who should win. He picked the one and only TykerQ! TykerQ will reicive 650 PPs added to his Penguin Point Account. Here  is the winning out fit.

and here was the contest!:

Best Clothing Combo-

Theme- Christmas.

Guide Lines- Try to mix and match your clothing apparel to make a cool Christmas outfit. If you don’t have a Christmas clothing think positive and be creative!

Prize- 350 PPs 650 PPs!

Closes-December 26

I boosted up the prize about a week ago! Congrats to TykerQ!

To Visit TykerQ’s website, Click Here!

Now the secound anoucment is Newspaper # 167!

Here is the latest news from the Club Penguin Times:news167topstory


Well That’s it!

Hope everyone had a good X-mas



~ by braybon9 on December 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “News Paper# 167|And the winner is….”

  1. Thx alot !
    Braybon9- Don’t thank me thank Car19344 (thats my bro).

  2. tell your bro hes mean (D)
    Braybon9- Ok I will do so!

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