New Map/Clothing Cat. Sneak Peek/ Fireworks

Hello Penguins!

The Fireworks started yesterday I didn’t have a chance to get on though because I was loaded with Homework. So here are two pics of them

View of the Fireworks From the Iceberg.fireworks02

New Map!

The Other Day a new map was Launched. If you take the map, and zoom in on the Dojo in photoshop, look at what you see. It is a Chinese building! Also know as a pagoda building.



New Clothing Catalog Look!

Here Is a look at what is coming out tomorrow in the catalog. the boots and the green sweatshirt are both repeats but the brown and white hat is new!


A special message from Billybob

“In honor of the special Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, as well as all the celebrations that are held for all kinds of reasons around the world, fireworks will be up in Club Penguin later today and on all day tomorrow! It’s fun to be able to celebrate the cool things in lots of different countries.”-Billybob



~ by braybon9 on November 6, 2008.

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