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Hey Guys!

Its been about 1 month since my last update and I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY. The reason is a got the computer taken away because at my school if you miss 3 homework assignments, you get detention. Wich I did. ūüė¶ But the only reason I missed the HW is because I am trying to help keep this place updated! So anyways here is EVERYTHING that is new since I was on

Hi Everyone – Screenhog here.

I hope you’re enjoying the dark and stormy version of Club Penguin. I also hope that you’ve gone exploring to find all of the fun Halloween decorations. The team put a lot of effort into making sure this was a really great Halloween Party!

The party will be ending November 2nd, but before it ends, make sure that you see “Night of the Living Sled 2” — So many penguins loved “Night of the Living Sled” last year that we gave it a sequel! You can go to the Night Club and the Lighthouse to watch both parts.

nightpic.jpgOne of the biggest secrets of this year’s party is the green candle. If you’ve done the scavenger hunt, you’ve probably already found the secret passageway…

Oh! And I probably should mention the storm that’s blown over Club Penguin this Halloween… it’s always cool seeing what Club Penguin looks like in the dark. If you click on the sky in most areas, you’ll make lightning flash! And speaking of lightning, there sure seems to be a lot of it in the area of The Dojo…

Let the team know what you think of the decorations at the party.

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on October 31 2008 08:33 | Comments (46)

Hello Penguins!

The Halloween Party has started! And with all the possibilities for costumes, it’s an awesome chance for you and your penguin friends to let your creativity out!!

Some of you have mentioned that the huge storm that’s blowing through Club Penguin is making things look pretty dark and just perfect for Halloween! Even with that storm and the darkness, you still should be able to do the cool scavenger hunt! You can pick up your pumpkin basket at the Snow Forts to get started — Let us know what you think!

In Other News: The team is thrilled with your excitement around the new Club Penguin toys and the Treasure Book items. We’ve heard from a lot of you about things that you’d like to see. We love getting your feedback, so keep it coming!

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 29 2008 01:10 | Comments (63)

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from so many of you that you are loving The Treasure Book and that those of you who have codes from toys and books are having fun getting your items online. Some of you have had a few more questions about the process.

treasure book.jpgFor those of you who asked how you get access to The Treasure Book, look for Club Penguin toys and books that have the “Unlock Items Online” icon. When you’re entering a code from a toy or a secret word from a book, it must be entered exactly. Codes can only be used once – so keep them safe! Also, make sure to redeem all the items attached with the code before you click “Done”!

A lot of you have said you like the MP3000 inside The Treasure Book — We’d love know what else you’d like to see more of in future Treasure Books!!

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 28 2008 03:25 | Comments (50)

Hello Penguins!

Some of you have said that the Halloween Party is your very favorite party in Club Penguin and we hope you’re ready with your costumes and spooky decorations — because this year’s Halloween Party in Club Penguin begins Wednesday!!

halloween.jpgThere’s going to be cool decorations, a scavenger hunt, and lots of spooky surprises for you and your penguin friends to discover!! Let us know your hauntingly creative plans. For those of you who already have a toy and a code to redeem for online items, I wanted to let you know that the pumpkin basket item will be available for everyone at the Halloween Party. If you’ve got a code and you miss getting it at the party, even after the party is over, you’ll be able to unlock it from this Treasure Book.

In Other News: On Thursday, the final 20 winners of the igloo decorating contest will be announced in the newspaper! Winners will get a very special limited edition postcard delivered by Penguin Mail!

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 27 2008 01:12 | Comments (62)

Hello Penguins!

We love how you are having so much fun with the 3rd Anniversary celebrations! Thanks for all the amazing feedback.

Lots of new Club Penguin toys have finally arrived! But there’s more to come. I can’t say too much yet, but it’s something many of you have suggested in the past that the team’s been working on. Club Penguin Trading cards will be available soon!

You’ll be able to buy the cards in mid-November and the coolest part is that in addition to playing the game with your friends at home, the cards will connect to a brand new multiplayer game coming soon to Club Penguin. With them, you’ll be able enter a code into Club Penguin and get on a ‘fast path’ to master the new game. I’ll have more info on the new game coming to Club Penguin soon, but for now here’s a sneak peek of the Trading Cards you’ll be able to play at home!

Club Penguin Trading Cards will be available mid November at Toys”R”Us – just in time to connect with the newest Club Penguin game. Let us know what you think – and tell us any ideas you have for the cards!!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 25 2008 12:24 | Comments (45)

Hello Penguins!

I hope you’re all having a great time at the 3rd Anniversary Party so far–remember we’ll be partying ALL weekend. So you’ll be able to check it out Saturday and Sunday, if you haven’t already.
If you live around the Toronto area and want to help celebrate the arrival of Club Penguin toys, there’s going to be a party at Toys R Us at¬†Vaughan¬†Mills on on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 1-4 pm EST. Space is limited so you may want to get there a bit early for your chance to get in. If you are able to go, be sure to take a parent with you. We’d love to hear what you think about it!

Thanks for all your feedback about the toys so far, the party in New York and the party online! There’s a lot to check out at this Anniversary Party–including a new Yearbook in the Book Room and a special anniversary hat free item!
As always, let us know what you think!
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 25 2008 12:32 | Comments (23)

Hello Penguins,

Today is a very special day — It’s our 3rd Anniversary and Club Penguin toys have arrived!!

We want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone! Over the past year, it has been an amazing to see all the creative and imaginative ways you’ve made Club Penguin a great place to hang out with friends!¬†¬†It is always inspiring to the team!
We’ll be partying in Club Penguin all weekend AND today only you can be a part of the celebration in Times Square, New York between 12 – 3 pm Penguin Time (3 – 6pm EST). To watch the party, login and click the “live in New York” button at the top of your screen! Hope to see you there!

You can check out the toys that are available at Starting today they will be available across North America at Toys”R”Us, The Club Penguin Shop Online, Disney Stores, and at North American Disney Theme Parks. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

We’re excited to hear from you about how you and your friends are celebrating.

Until then…Waddle on!!
-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 24 2008 08:58 | Comments (94)

Hello Penguins!

It’s been a couple months since our last update about Club Penguin on the DS. When we first talked about it in July there was a lot of excitement and since then we’ve heard a lot of feedback and wanted to give you an exciting update!

dsimages.jpgThe game will be available on November 25!! ¬†You’ll be able to pick it up in a lot of North American stores.

It’s called “Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force” and in it you get to become part of the Elite Penguin Force and solve mysteries even Secret Agents don’t know about. You’ll also be able to play mini-games, upload the coins you earn to your penguin account, and even unlock things online.
We can’t wait to hear what you think about it!
In Other News: Don’t forget to join the party! To help celebrate the launch of new Club Penguin toys in Canada, the Vaughan Mills Toys”R”Us, just outside of Toronto, is hosting a party! On Saturday, October 25th from 1 – 4 pm, be there for dancing, prizes, and more!! There’s limited space so bring your parent/guardian and get there early for your chance to be a part of this special celebration.

As always, let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 23 2008 01:00 | Comments (52)

Hello Penguins!

Thanks for sharing your excitement about all the upcoming events. The team loves to hear from you – and we have some more cool news…

Starting on October 24th, you’ll be able to flip the pages of Club Penguin books! They will be available in North America at Toys “R” Us, Disney Stores, Disney Theme Parks, and other stores:

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
Stowaway! Adventures at Sea
Waddle Lot of Laughs (Joke Book)
Stuck-On Puffles (Sticker Activity)

bookimage1.jpgWith certain books (like The Ultimate Official Guide and Stowaway!, you’ll be able to unlock special things online. Let us know what you think — and what kinds of books you’d like to see!

In Other News: To celebrate the launch of new Club Penguin toys in Canada, there’s going to be a party at Toys “R” Us in Vaughan Mills, just outside of Toronto on Saturday, October 25th from 1 – 4 pm!! There’s limited space so bring your parent/guardian and get there early for your chance to get into the party.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 22 2008 09:44 | Comments (49)

Hello Penguins!

Thanks for your great feedback about the upcoming 3rd Anniversary celebrations starting this Friday. We’re glad you’re excited! So are we.

Today is the last day you can request an invitation for the Times Square, New York party. Invitations will be sent by email to the winners on Tuesday! Check out for details about the event.

Space is limited at the party in New York and not everyone who applied for an invitation can receive one. ¬†But we want everyone to celebrate together, so remember to check out the party in Club Penguin to watch the live broadcast!!all_toys.jpgIn Other News: In all the excitement about the Anniversary party, I didn’t want to forget to update you on the toys! Check out ¬† to see all the toys that will be available starting on October 24! You’ll see them in a few different places throughout North America, including Toys R Us, Disney Stores, Disney Theme Parks and, of course, the Club Penguin Shop online.

As always we’d love to hear what you like and what you hope to see in the future!

Until then… Waddle on!!

-Club Penguin Team

GOD THAT IS A LOT! Lol! Well anyways my Friend is letting me use his member penguin since Braybon9 got banned for no apprent reason, the name is ignika13611. Also WATEX’S SITE GOT SUSPENDED! That really was a Shocker to me!



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