Fall Fair

Hello Penguins,

Sorry About the late post, Internet was having probs and I could not get on. Here are the items that you can buy with tickets.

Ticket Items for the Fall Fair

Ticket Items for the Fall Fair

Remember that a one more free item for the Fall Fair will be out soon.  I was not able to get a picture of the Members Arcade area. Here are the items in the arcade area.

Yellow Sunglasses: 1000

Teddy Bear: 2000

Candy Apple: 800

The Fall Fair will end this weekend. Get all of the items. Here is a Cheat for getting tons of coins. This Cheat works really good with SLOW connections!

Go to any Fall Fair game.

Play the game untill the screen comes up that has the words end game or Exit on it.

Press Tab until the yellow box is around the words exit and/or end game.

Hold down enter until the game exits.

You should now have a LOT of tickets.

Spend them! 🙂

Note: If the game does not exit, it meens you are playing grab and spin, you will have to click Exit to end this game. Although when holding down the enter key. You will be earning lots of coins!



~ by braybon9 on September 30, 2008.

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