This is a Hack Free Site.

This Site is Hack Free, If you are looking for Hacks then I say Fool you are! Hacking is Bad Face it people. All Hacking does is make the lives of Club Penguin Employees Harder. Join me and stop Hacking for good. If you see someone hack, report them in an EMAIL!!!! Pressing the report button does no good, trust me. If someone was doing something really bad and you hit that button nothing would happen! Trust me I have tried it. MILLIONS OF TIMES. Any way stop hacking and join A.H.C.P.S (Anti-Hacking Club Penguin Society). See Anti-Hacking Club Penguin for more detail.


~ by braybon9 on September 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “This is a Hack Free Site.”

  1. yeah!! i agree 1000% and i know thats 1000 not 100!

  2. I know, i hate hackers

  3. same. and now theres a new hack thing called penguin fire and another called penguin storm, and neither are detectable

  4. hackers annoy me. what is the point? It mucks up club penguin and you might get banned for it!

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