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Braybon9’s account is now mine.

Long time No See

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Wow. Long time since I have been on here. If you happen to be wanting to contact me for any reason You can get me at:

Xbox Live: Deathshooter0 (if you message me on there please state that you got my Gamer Tag From Here)

AIM: Deathshooter0, Braybon9support (again state who you are and where you got my SN)

Email: Deathshooter0@aol.com, Braybon9support@aol.com

Youtube: CLdeathshooter0

Thats about it.


Latest News

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It’s been long since are last update here. About a month…. Too long! Anyways, I thought I should give an update with the what is going on with this entire game. Currently I am working on a little 10-15 seconds logo animation for Braybon Productions. 10-15 seconds seems like it could be done in that amount of time. But no! It takes a lot longer to animate stuff. Trust me… Anyways as of now my main focus is getting that done. I have also been drawing some designs in photoshop, but I can’t go into much detail with that. It would give to much away. Beta 0.06 is being worked on as it should be. Very slowly though. I have finally been able to remove the annoying white outline around the main penguin. On my to do list is to finish out the story line. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Well thats about it for the moment. No release dates as of now to give away. See you later!

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0.05 Release

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It has been long since the last update but 0.05 is up and here! Here it is!

Penguin Halo Beta 0.05 –Download


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Beta 0.05 New Information

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As you must have noticed 0.05 was not released on it’s “scheduled” date. I figured that if I launched it with only a few updates that on my behalf would of seemed like nothing was done and I would of been launching the exact same thing. Which I sorta was. Anyways, I have put together a list as usual that contains all of the current updates to Penguin Halo. If I forget something please let me tell you it is 2:00 Am here in PA. So I have an excuse.

Beta 0.05 updates:

-Small changes to level 1 background image.

-Once again new menu music. Listen to the entire thing. It’s cool!

-Smoke effect stays all the time now.

-Menu Updated with Quit Button, And Game Updates Button.

-When firing, Plasma Rifle is now the gun you hold.

That’s all I can think of right now.

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Beta 0.04 Bug found.

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We have just found out there is nothing wrong with the game in Beta 0.04. It is actually the video clip that is causing the game to more so freeze. Beta version 0.05 will be out today with this bug fixed. But, there will be no other updates besides the bug being fixed as of now.

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It’s been about a half a week since our last update. I have focused in on the artwork for the game this past week. Designing weapons, and adding thinking up new character designs. Here is a quick look at some artwork that has been designed. It’s our widget which you can get for your website on our advertisement page.


As you can see the weapon is a personal design. That is drawn from scratch! Any ways, I have decided not to update 0.04. The bug will be fixed with 0.05 which will include some of this artwork.

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